1. mandartania:

    One more… by Mandartania

    Late night drawing while collecting my thoughts.

  2. Adam Lambert, Andrej, and Cheyne Hauk at the Izod Center in New Jersey for the Queen/Adam Lambert show. IGed by Cheyne.

  3. Anonymous, asked a question:

    It’s understandable. But, with Andrej having led the way, there are more feminine-type guys working. Which makes me very happy.

  4. Anonymous, asked a question:

    It’s already happened. Check out this video.

  5. Anonymous, asked a question:

    I can watch ET on my local NBC station, so (assuming you’re American) you probably can, too. I hope someone will record it, since I don’t have any way to record off TV! It might be posted on the ET site, too. I will post it as soon as I can! You’re welcome, thank you for the love!

  6. Andrej is a woman! The full story will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow.

  7. juliagabrielov:

    Black Smoke model @andrejpejic πŸ’• #panpastel #drawing #juliagabrielov #andrejpejic

  8. Tarik Lakehal, Andrej, and Willy Cartier in Paris after a Jean Paul Gaultier show, 2012. Photo credit: Fabrizzio Morales Angulo.

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