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    love JS and the new Moschino

  2. Screencap from Crash Magazine video 2011

  3. Jean Paul Gaultier RTW Fall.Winter2011

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    Andrej Pejic ~ Time in a Bottle. 


    By Andrea Miller

    The statuesque Australian-raised, Serbian-Bosnian top model has won much success since her landmark gender-bending Paris Fashion Week walk for Jean-Paul Gaultier in January 2011 but now she’s set her sights on ambitions beyond the catwalk: jewellery design.

    Andrej Pejic saw an opportunity to combine her love of shiny baubles with a desire to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered teens find the support they may not get at home. And so Pejic X Snyder was born.

    “It was important to choose the right cause,” said the 22-year-old while in Toronto to chat about the jewellery line. “You know, the first time I came to New York, I saw the documentary Paris Is Burning and I discovered there’s a huge phenomenon of homeless LGBT youth everywhere in the world. I wanted to stick to that cause because I felt like I was lucky to have a loving family and to be accepted and these kids don’t get that privilege.”

    Joining forces with small New York-based Sam H Snyder Design, led by friend Sam Snyder and his wife and partner Polina Gurtovaya, and with proceeds going to LGBT youth homeless shelter Ali Forney Center, Pejic’s capsule collection, like her, doesn’t play by the rules.

    Using materials like rhodium plated brass, palladium, platinum and 18K gold to construct rings, ear cuffs, bracelets and necklaces, the collection is modern, bold, void of embellishments or fragile details and aims to “break boundaries and traditional rules,” according to Pejic, even down to its innovative use of 3D printing.

    Appearing in the campaign for the 10-piece line made sense for the model because she wanted to make sure the designs fit with her aesthetic and personality.

    “I always preferred costume jewellery over really sort of intricate, really expensive jewellery. But this is sort of a combination of both because you can buy this jewellery in five different metals. It was important for the pieces to be strong, not too girly, you know. I like power dressing.”


  6. mandartania:

    A Bottle of Inspiration by Mandartania

    She is breath to me; she is life.
    I thrive on her brilliance, her star-like
    Shine. She is mine: I enclose her
    In this vessel, this prison, this vial.
    Bottle inspiration for a sip each day:
    She is my captive, my treasure, my
    Exhibit, my pet. And yet, she evades
    Me, exceeds me, leads me on to higher
    Things. This glass, this image, the hope
    Is a dream. She is free, flying, extreme.
    I am chasing her shadow, endlessly.

    Poem by shentoncarrington

  7. October 2012

    October 2012

  8. mandartania:

    I am Machine by Mandartania

    "I am Machine"

    I am machine: my admiration is mathematical,
    My wishes computed. I rust love, but do not feel.
    It is inevitable that I should think well of you,
    Because you conform to every pattern that is
    Explicable and exact. My intellect interrogates
    Your beauty and follows only its duty in saying
    That you are fitting, fine, extraordinary. I am
    Responding to an algorithm, which calculates
    That I should love you, if only I knew what love was.
    I await instruction: teach me how to emote; teach
    Me what a creature would do when faced with you.
    Equations are my life: you add up to the infinite,
    The possible, the if only, the might …

    Word porn by shentoncarringon

  9. “A visit with the stunning @Andrej_pejic. Thanks again!”
IGed by m_hemssource

    A visit with the stunning @Andrej_pejic. Thanks again!”

    IGed by m_hemssource

  10. Had a great chat with top-model @Andrej_Pejic today. I’m a big fan.”

    IGed by Tristan Banning.